Pre-generate thumbnails and previews


Today, after adding a (possibly large) amount of photos you must manually browse each individual photo in order to force the generation of a cached thumbnail and preview. Failure to do so would leave your visitors with a very slowly loading page.

This item suggest a method for forcing the generation of all thumbnails and previews. I would imagine the forcing would be triggered by calling the PhotoHandler with a 'secret' parameter or similar, or maybe a button on the webpages generated. The forcing function would systematically iterate over all folders and for each folder iterate over all photos to generate thumbnail and previews should they not exist. In the case where all folders have thumbnails and previews this function would run very quickly.

This item does not cover a method for the deletion or updating of already existing thumbnails or previews (unless the timestamp comparisons fails). This would probably better be handled by simply wiping the relevant parts of the cache and then forcing an update.