Bug in Control


Awesome App Bertrand! I love how easy it is to use just the .ashx page! Now of course I have a question...

My file structure is such:




I had to change the CacheLocation to CacheLocation.Memory because of my host.

When I run just the album.ashx it works perfectly, all the images display, only the 2007 and sub-directories show and navigation works fine.

When I try and run the default.aspx (which I modified the original to have the src="album.ashx" instead of src="~/album.ashx") I see all directories from the root (minus hidden/protected ones) and only the red X image, no images anywhere, even in the 2007 and subs, but if I click "Details" it does show the EXIF details of the photo. The navigation still works fine, and when I get to the point where the tool tip would normally read "Click to view picture at full resolution", if I click that it opens a new browser and shows the photo as expected.

Two Questions:
  1. Any idea why it doesn't show any of the photos when being called from the Default.aspx but works fine in the album.ashx?
  2. How do I make it so it only scans sub-directories from it's location when being called from the default.aspx file?
Thanks for the awesome utility!


BertrandLeRoy wrote Apr 3, 2008 at 12:27 AM

Does it work if you set the handler path property on the control? For your second question, did you try setting the Path property?