Album folder thumbnails always use a black background [imported from GotDotNet]


=== Opened by cweb @ 11/30/2006 2:12:00 PM ===
The constant values for color, such as Background, don't apply to the rendered thumbnail folder images. It doesn't seem that their background color is configurable when looking at CreateFolderImage().


BertrandLeRoy wrote Jun 21, 2007 at 7:20 AM

Proposed fix by Calios: "in CreateFolderImage you didnt fill in the BackGround - thus using any other background than black will look wierd :-O I added this to fix it: g.FillRectangle(new SolidBrush(BackGround), 0, 0, size, size); Right after the stacked Graphcis has been declared (was line 477 of the .ashx file for me - v 2.1 of the handler) :-)"

aurelianm wrote Jun 12, 2009 at 8:24 PM

It looks like the fix that you proposed is not working correctly (at least on my machine ~ visual studio 2008 and IE7 or Moz 3). Anyway, I found the way to set up the background color, from Black to any other color. In the same method CreatFolderImage, at the same line that you proposed, you should add " g.Clear(Color.White);" I know it looks very wired using Clear, but the documentation will explain more about this function. I hope this will help some other people trying to discover why the background is always black and they can't change it to another color (I tried several days to find out).