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Getting Source Code

Apr 1, 2008 at 8:51 AM
When I tried to get the sourcecode using Codeplex command line utility, I have error.

C:>cpc checkout PhotoHandler C:\MyDir

Above command gets the following files
Samples Directory

Above files are binary files. I need Source.
How do I get all the source files?

Is their any specific pah I need to specify exclusively?
When I invoke the fllowing command I get an error.

C:\Develop\Codeplex\PhotoHandler>cpc checkout PhotoHandler:https://tfs03.codepl C:\Develop\CodePlex
error: TF10123: The path '$/PhotoHandler/https:/' contains th
e character ':'. Remove the ':' and try again.

How do I resolve it?

Apr 2, 2008 at 7:56 AM
Sorry guys please ignore my request. There are no other files. I thought there will be Project files, and .CS files.