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Integrating PhotoHandler into BlogEngine...

Oct 12, 2010 at 2:32 PM

I got the PhotoHandler to work perfectly in my VB.Net application - thanks for all the help. Now, I have had to integrate a blog page into the website, but I found it was esier to integrate my website into the BlogEngine than to integrate the BlogEngine into my website. So now I am faced with the issue of the PhotoHandler not working in the BlogEngine app! Has anyone tried to integrate the PhotoHandler into the BlogEngine? If you did, how did you do it?

Here's the issue. In the Blogengine, I created a new directory "Photos" and copied all of my files directly from my working version to the directory in the BlogEngine. Sounds simple, sounds like it should work - right? Nope, of course it couldn't be so simple! Dang it! I found that the issue is with the 

<%@ Register Src="album.ashx" TagPrefix="photo" TagName="album" %>

bit of code. With the registry in the page, the page will display but I get an error (it's a custom error page from the BlogEngine) but I know it's related to the Registry because if I remove that registry and just include "Hello World" in my contenplaceholder, the page display perfectly. Of course adding all the code for the Photohandler doesn't make sense if the moment I put the Registry tag back in I get the same error. Does anyone have any suggestions? I could really use the help - this is the very last thing I have to get working in order to finish my client's website!



Oct 12, 2010 at 5:17 PM

What is the error? (you can get a full error message by setting customerrors to remoteonly in web.config)

Oct 15, 2010 at 10:40 PM

Sorry I had not responded to this - I found the issue, it was just a dumb reference I missed adding to my bin file: MetaDataExtractor.dll - now everything for the photohandler works perfectly (except that the widget doesn't appear on this page because it is in a different directory than the rest of the pages that reference the widget - which is a completely different issue and not related to the photohandler at all!)

Thanks so very much for all of your assistance with this.